Food Storage Calculator

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***This is beta 1 of version 1***

Disclaimer: This calculator is only a generalized suggestion or starting point for determining food storage needs. You must evaluate your own unique needs and determine exact quantities and types of foods needed based off common sense and common nutrition guidelines. This calculator assumes an adult eats approximately 15 ounces of food per meal.

How many adults do you need to feed?
How many single-person meals of long term storage do you have on hand?
(food that lasts decades)
How many single-person meals of short term storage do you have on hand?
(food that lasts months or years)
How many days total food storage do you want?

Whether you're looking to have enough food for the zombie apocalypse, the next solar flare EMP, or just a long bout of unemployment, this calculator helps guesstimate your food storage needs. This calculator uses the three tier approach to food storage. The three tiers are:

1. Normal perishable food purchases like milk, bread, and ice cream.
2. Multi-month or multi-year perishable items such as canned goods, pastas and cooking oils. AKA short term food storage.
3. Multi-decade non-perishable items such as hard wheat, sugar, and water. AKA long term food storage.

The reason for tiers of food storage is to make rotation of food stuffs easier. Source code for the calculator is on SourceForge.

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