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Wikileaks Deadman’s Switch

It looks like the Wikileaks Deadman’s Switch has been activated.



Dead Man’s Switch

A Dead Man’s Switch is used by hackers and security gurus to trigger a release of information or start some other process in motion in the event that the individual has been killed, kidnapped, or had their liberty restricted in some way. Usually how it works is that an independent secret server checks for some sort of internet activity every-so-often, such as a user checking their email, or logging into a computer, and then assumes the user is fine unless there is no activity associated with the user.

In the case of Wikileaks, it has long been threatened and assumed that Wikileaks has far more damaging information about government and corporate corruption than has ever been released. This information is assumed to have been attached to a Dead Man’s Switch in the event that Julian Assange is assassinated for revealing dirt on powerful individuals.

Recently, Julian Assange disappeared from the internet due to a government take-down of his Internet access. It is assumed that this was at the request of the Clinton campaign in the USA, because of the extremely damaging emails he’s been leaking recently. (One of the recently leaked documents from Wikileaks had a quote from Hillary Clinton asking if they could just simply “drone” [kill] Julian Assange to make the leaks problem go away.)

It is not known for sure if Julian Assange’s Wikileaks Dead Man’s Switch has been activated, but a new subdomain of the Wikileaks site has appeared with a lot of information about various governments, politicians, and corporations. This could very well be the rumored Dead Man’s Switch put in place to protect Assange from retaliation for leaking criminal activities.

Even if this turns out to be a false alarm, there is a high probability that the real Dead Man’s Switch will activate if Assange is not allowed free access to the Internet, soon.

Update (Oct 22, 2016): Some interesting items came from the released folders of documents. The most interesting in my view were the medical records for Assange. That’s exactly what you’d want public if you feared an unexpected “medical” incident.

Many considered this document dump a shot-over-the-bow warning to any government trying to kill or arrest Assange. Shortly after the release, it was admitted that Assange’s Internet was being limited until after the election by Ecuador’s government.

In another related development, heavily armed police have been slowly amassing over multiple days outside the Ecuadorian Embassy in London where Assange is believed to be living currently.

Update (Oct 31, 2016): Despite the news coming from Ecuador’s government that Assange is okay, he has not been seen or spoken to publicly since his Internet access was cut. Many are speculating that he is already dead, but it seems likely that the Obama administration has had Ecuador bar him from communication until after the US election.

Update (Nov 18, 2016): Assange was seen in an interview just before the USA election, so it appears he was only “silenced” temporarily.