Honeydew … Water Killer


As I lay in bed last night, I heard a loud crinkling sound going on for what seemed like 15 minutes. My first thought was, “What is Honeydew doing this time?” I couldn’t keep my eyes open, so I figured I’d deal with it in the morning.

Morning came and I found the cause of all the loud crinkling. My cat, who is a Maine Coon Siamese mix, had attacked and successfully killed an entire flat of bottled water. Many of the bottles had been completely crushed. Others bled purified water from claw and canine punctures they sustained.

Returning to the Scene of the Crime
My cat, Honeydew, returning the scene of her crime.

Honestly, I don’t know what the water did to my cat, but it must have been an awful offense to justify such utter destruction. Honeydew, for her part, was very proud of her work. She rubbed against me constantly while I surveyed the damage.

I couldn’t get mad at her. She adores me. She constantly follows me around like a puppy, and cries whenever even a door keeps her away from me. This is the cat that will wait for hours under my bed for my wife to leave the room, then comes out and hops up next to me as soon as she sees that I’m all alone. She’s a cute and fluffy stalker.

I’ve heard that Main Coons love playing with water, but I’m guessing no one has had quite this experience before. In the process of puncturing no less than a third of the bottles, she also completely shredded the plastic wrapping. It may turn out that she punctured more bottles that just happen to have rolled in a direction that prevented them from draining. I’ll probably have to throw away the whole lot of bottled water, just to be on the safe side.

When I came out this morning, the water was all over the place. Luckily, I keep everything important up on a raised floor, and the basement drain is literally just to the left of the water. Everything dried up by this evening.

Bad kitty!

Observing Her Handiwork
This is about the last crime I would have ascribed to a cat.

Now, I’m deciding what to do about the rest of my water bottles. I need the water for my trips up to Dove Ranch. I want easy access to it, so I can pack the van quickly. However, the cat’s proven she’s more than capable of destroying my water supply in a few short minutes.

Having water on hand in case of an emergency is a nice. Whenever there’s a problem with the water supply (which happens even in our urban areas), the first thing to disappear from stores is the water. And heaven forbid that the massive earthquake geologists keep claiming Utah is way overdue for happens.

We need water on hand.

No. I’m going to have to find a way for the water-killing cat to get along peacefully with the remaining bottled water. I might try placing the water in some sturdy bins and stacking them.

I have to admit, she does look cute examining her handiwork.

3 thoughts on “Honeydew … Water Killer”

  1. Hello,
    Thanks for the great story. I always have stored water much as you have done but never once thought my pet would destroy the stash. I wonder if you can put a gate or something up so this won’t happen again?

    1. Luckily as she’s matured, she’s destroyed less of the water. I do still occasionally find a bottle she’s been playing with.

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